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Learn with Alexandria

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Are you looking for a choreographer? Alexandria has you covered for your next Mainstage Performance, Dance on Film, Music Video, Parade, Undergraduate Senior Thesis/Concert collaboration, Solo Dance, Pas De Deux, and more. Whether a short or evening-length work, inquire with Alexandria to begin your collaborative journey.

Dancing Back to Self

Dancing Back to Self is a movement practice that encourages dance artists and individuals to exist as solo bodies integrated within a more extensive collective. The technique utilizes a series of phases choreographed to yield a three-dimensional (mind, body, spirit) alignment of self and solidarity throughout the shared process of witnessing(life, movement, and presentation). The practice has several uses, from co-council to artistic creation and articulation of intention. The goal of each session is to encourage movement at the rate of individual awareness of being absent of judgment and triumph.

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Essence of Pearls Dance Project

Founded in 2012 in Gainesville, FL, the Essence of Pearls Dance Project is a 10-day dance intensive. Participants receive mentoring in a whole-person approach that uses dance to promote social solid, educational, and civic-minded habits. Participants work together through team-building to form collaborative arts skills that culminate in community performance. Ideal for artists ages 8 to 18

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