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Sometimes I Write Poetry: Untitled Thoughts & Motivations

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

A moment of realness

Keep it together; take time to rest.


Move towards the unseen, and walk free

Get this dance

Unhinge your pelvis in a soulful jubilee

Transcend the practice

Unearth the goddess inside of you

Do it for the collective

By any means necessary, reclaim your sexy and keep it cool

Be mindful of how you speak on your body

Unburden the flesh from the history of sin

It’s time to fight like a lady

Let your heart stream through your spine

Rehumanize yourself,

Let love remind you of who you are.

Unwind the trauma in joyful undulations.

You know where you are...

Where do we go from here?

Fall forward,

Face the recovery,

Balance gracefully by the weight of your skin.


Fight between the voices of destruction

Your Yes is still No if you are dying to live

Breathe in deep; the air is rising;

Embrace yourself to take it all in.

© 2023 by Alexandria M. Davis

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