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Is it a Monologue, or Is It Artivism...What's your favorite dance?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Dance is a lot like making love. It's a ritual with many myths. The myth, or generation of information in the body, manipulates the mind and its interpretation of the consciousness needed to reason with or dispute passion and creativity.

What's your favorite dance? What is your favorite part of the movement?

Art is creation. We give birth to our thoughts, dreams, and agendas. We manifest our fears on stage to see them in 3D and learn how to face or transform them in the future. If we are lucky, our contributions can invoke a social synergy that might bring us closer to understanding relationships and morality. The obscene will always be there. I know some critics fear the beautiful may become corrupted, and if we pollute and distort the virtue, we may risk being exposed to an act of creative nudity. I say get naked.

I want to be free to move the way I move without shame and persecution. But how do you detach from the caution of being criticized while in a state of Euphoria? Is there a right or wrong way when it's honest? It's time to stop holding back and exist. We give too much energy to the uh-oh.

Life is movement, so let's dance. Move like you already are your best you. We could each move closer to living life like there are no mistakes.

© 2023 by Alexandria M. Davis

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